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Join us on the journey towards a sustainable future

Unlock the power to make real impact.


With Iris you effortlessly track and calculate your mobility carbon footprint over time and watch as your actions drive positive change in real-time.

Curious about how Iris works?

It's simple and hassle-free!

All you need to do is follow these three easy steps:

Step 1

Download the Iris app and let ourstate-of-the-art deep-learning AI do the heavy lifting.


It automatically collects and categorizes your mobility-derived carbon emission data, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Step 2

Once your data is processed, you can use our in-app dashboard to get a complete picture of your mobility-derived carbon emissions. You'll see an overview of your accumulated emissions and track your progress in real-time.


It's like having a personal carbon coach right at your fingertips!

Step 3

Armed with the insights you gain from Iris, you can start making meaningful changes in your daily mobility choices. Whether you choose to walk or bike to work or take public transport, you can see how your choices affect your carbon emissions in real-time.

That's it! With Iris, tracking and reducing your carbon emissions has never been easier.

Why use Iris?

Environmental Impact

Carbon emissions from transportation are a significant contributor to climate change. Approximately 20% of global carbon emissions stem from transportation. By tracking and reducing your mobility carbon footprint, you can help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. This can help slow the pace of climate change and mitigate its effects on the planet.


Cost Savings

Transportation is a major expense for both individuals and organizations. By reducing your carbon footprint, you can also reduce your transportation costs. This can be achieved through strategies such as using public transportation, biking, walking or driving a more fuel-efficient vehicle. Organizations can also save money by reducing their transportation-related expenses, such as fleet management, employee commuting or business travel.


Social Responsibility 

More and more individuals and organizations are recognizing the importance of being socially responsible and taking action to address environmental issues. By tracking and reducing your mobility carbon footprint, you can demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Our roadmap

At the heart of everything we do is a belief that we can only build a more sustainable future by working together. We're all in this together, after all!

That's why we're excited to share our current roadmap with you openly. We want to collaborate and value your ideas and insights and believe that they are critical in shaping our vision for the future.
We believe that transparency is key to building trust and that's why we're committed to being open about our plans and progress.


We want to show you that we are dedicated to our mission and values and inspire others to join us on the journey towards a sustainable future driven by creativity, collaboration and innovation.
We want to spark new ideas and inspire others to think differently about building a better world together. We can't wait to embark on this journey with you and co-create a sustainable future together.


Let's make a difference!


"Climate change is the most critical issue of our time. Change is required and needed now. We saw during the COVID-19 pandemic that a global reduction of mobility had positive impacts on the environment, which highlighted the need to make people aware of their mobility choices and the impact it has, whether you are an individual or an organization.


That's why we are now releasing Iris free of charge to help with exactly that. I like to think of Iris as the "health app" but for your mobility carbon footprint.


We believe that by empowering organizations and individuals we can contribute to accelerating global decarbonization - going green should be easy."

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